A new journey begins! This time in blue.


I’m thrilled to announce that I joined IBM as Chief Architect and Engineer Leader. This transition is related to the blog announcement that Mark Proctor posted here.

Soon I’ll post more information about what this means, but I can tell that I’ll continue working on the same KIE open source community and doubling down on the cloud-native future of Business Automation!

But before closing this short announcement, I’d like to leave a video with Bill Lobig and George Warner highlighting the impact that Business Automation has on business and, most importantly, people’s lives!

This video captures why I’m so passionate about Business Automation. I also strongly believe that open-source provides a way to democratize access to this greatness to a much wider audience!

Stay tuned, and…​ Let’s Create!

Ps: You can find my old posts in the archive link at the bottom of the blog posts page.

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