The Ultimate Guide to Business Central and Git

Business Central is a sophisticated web tooling suite that provides a full lifecycle of business rules and process-based applications from authoring to deployment, and management to track. Business Central uses internally git, but also exposes some features of it to more advanced users.

Git became ubiquitous in software development; however, it is not always clear what’s the architecture impact to use a distributed version control system, especially embedding it in a complex web tooling stack.

This post aims to consolidate all blog posts about Business Central and Git. Please let me know in the comments if you have any suggestion for a topic not covered in this guide. Hope you enjoy the read!

  • The Vision

  • Detailed Architecture

  • Roadmap

    • Built-in external integration

    • Branch status, and Role-based access to branches

    • Change Request system

    • Scaling and Isolating Repositories with Forks and Sync

  • HowTo Series

    • Post-Commit Hooks

    • Use Cases

      • Multiple Feature Streams

      • Hotfix to Production Issue

      • Test Branches

      • Maker-Checker (or four eyes principle) and Merging

      • Setup Integration with Enterprise Repository

      • Avoid Changes Directly into Master

      • Lightweight Deployment for Developers

      • Discourage Multiple Users From Editing Same Asset

      • Alert for potential outdated local copy/branch

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